Organic fresh fruit and vegies
Our supplier is one of the few who has a permit to buy produce from the wholesale market earlier than most, so she gets the pick of the crop and the quality is exceptional. Our supplies are in the shop early on Thursday morning – delicious bananas, apples, stone fruit, pumpkin, potatoes, tomatoes and green vegies. Organic fruit and vegies means you are not consuming dangerous chemicals and fertilisers. A little dearer, but well worth it.

Gluten-free products
We have recently extended our range of gluten-free products to cater for the many people who find they have a gluten intolerance. Our naturopath, Libby Shaw, has helped hundreds of customers over the past 12 years get their diets on track. Breakfast cereals, bread, biscuits, cakes – the range is extensive. Bread, dairy and vegetarian foods. Bakeries dedicated to making healthy breads supply daily to Nature’s Harvest. Sourdough, rice, millet, spelt, rye, wheat and gluten-free – there’s a bread for every taste. Our fridges also contain a wide range of milks, yoghurts, cheeses, dips, butter, tofu and appetising vegetarian foods.

Bulk packaging
Health food stores traditionally packed dried fruit and nuts, flours, rice and other grains from bulk supplies – but not any more. At Nature’s Harvest we continue this tradition. Customers find the product fresher and cheaper and it has become one of our store’s major growth areas.

Soaps, shampoos & conditioners
There’s a wide range of soaps, some hand-made, for every need. Hemp soap, goat’s milk soap, castile, plant oils and liquid. Our shampoos and conditioners also cater for every type of hair and are free of sulphates and other nasties. Some shampoos and conditioners are available in bulk and therefore much cheaper.

Pure Victorian honey
Our apiarist has hives located in central Victoria, the Riverina and the Mallee. His family have been apiarists for more than 80 years, with five generations involved. All honey is strained at beehive temperature (not heat treated) to retain all the natural goodness of pollen, propolis and enzymes. Most of the hives are placed in forests away from mainstream agriculture, hence the honey is mostly organic although not certified. The range of varieties is extensive – Red Gum, Manuka, Stringybark, Ironbark, Desert Wildflower, Mallee Gums, Yellow Box, Grey Box, Banksia and many more.

Cleaning products
The range is extensive and for every purpose. Dishwashing powder and liquid in bulk, laundry powder and liquid in bulk. Floor cleaners, citro clean, air fresheners, toilet gels, bathroom and window cleaners.

Cosmetics & beauty care
We have an extensive range of pure beauty care products, mostly organic. Powder foundation, mascaras & eye liner, lipstick, moisturising lip tints, essential oils, cleaners, toners, hand and skin creams, lip balms, rose hip oils, body and hand lotions, vegesorb, sunscreens, hemp products. Top brands A’kin, Springfields, Renew, Biologike, Ere Perez, Bee Natural, Green H.E.M.P.

Baby products
The Holle range, including goats milk and tasty instant meals. Rash relief creams and balms, massage oils, bath washes, powders, shampoos, baby wipes, teething rusks.

Seeds – vegetable and herbs
We stock Eden Seeds – non-hybrid, old traditional open pollinated varieties. Seeds you can gather and reuse. Nothing that is genetically-modified is tolerated at Nature’s Harvest.

Organic wine and beer
Reds, whites and bubbly. Some preservative-free. All with the good flavour that only organically-grown grapes produce. The range is extensive to suit every taste. And we stock organic beers, including a gluten-free pale ale.

Chocolates, sweets, ice-creams & chips
Chocolate for every taste, the range includes organic, sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free. Loving Earth, Green & Black and many other brands. Organic choc-coated hazelnuts, ginger, almonds, sultanas, blueberries. Also 70% organic white and dark cooking chocolate. Healthy snacks, chips and lollipops. And our range of ice-creams is extensive and healthy.

The range is extensive. Pastas, rice, sugar, flours, legumes, breakfast cereals, marinades, meat alternatives, teas and coffees, herbs and spices, sauces, gluten-free products.

Belmore biodynamic meats
Belmore is the original supplier of biodynamic beef and lamb, from animals raised on pastures that are fertilised with the amazing 500 product. No chemicals or pesticides are used and the animals are given the utmost care. Belmore also supplies a range of free-range and organic chicken, and beef, lamb and chicken sausages.

Naturopathic service
Our naturopath, Libby Shaw, has been with Nature’s Harvest for 12 years, coming to us newly graduated in 2001. Libby now has two children which complements her experience as a family practitioner. Her focus is to help resolve your family’s health concerns as simply and as naturally as possible. These include weight loss, children’s health, and nervous system issues. Libby uses herbal medicine, nutrition, vitamins, minerals, flower essences, iridology and homoeopathy to assist the body’s healing ability. Tests available include mineral status and urine analysis, 96 Food Group allergy test, hair mineral analysis and other laboratory tests that may be required once symptoms are diagnosed. Libby is available in-store on Saturdays for brief advice which is free of charge and at other times for consultations by appointment.

Vitamins & minerals
We stock Blackmores, Fusion, Metagenic and Herbs of Gold vitamins. Martin & Pleasance mineral range.

Teas and milks
Our teas include an organic range from Southern Light Herbs, many varieties of chia, Planet, Tulsi, Pukkah, Red Seal, Yogi, Onno Behrends, Celestial. Coffees include East Timor in bulk, Jasper and Clipper. Packaged milk range includes soy, rice, oat, spelt, Bonsoy, hazelnut, almond, and soy and whey powders.